Last updated at 2018/5/19

AppSupport/应用支持 — CardGames ScoreBoard/多人卡牌记分
Welcome to CardGames ScoreBoard

English App Intro
Hanging out with your friends? Want to play some cards, or any game that include scores? Need a scoreboard? Busily looking for a piece of paper? No more! This app is designed to be a portable scoreboard. It works for almost all kinds of games that needs scoring.

Core Features:
1. Minimalist UI: No fancy stuffs. You need a table to jot down scores, and there it is.

2. Detailed Record: Record available for each round. You can clearly see how much points a player gains or loses for each round.

3. Save and Continue: When you end a game, it is automatically saved, and you can continue it next time. Playing a game while waiting for a plane with your friends, and now the plane comes? No problems, just end this game, give it a name, and continue it later.

4. Auto-save: Accidentally killed the app during a game? No problem! All you game data is automatically saved!


1. 简洁明了的界面: 简单的界面。你需要一个表格记分,它就在那里。

2. 详细的记录: 每个玩家在每一轮的分数变化情况都会被记录,您可以随时去翻看。

3. 保存,以后再战: 当您结束一场游戏的时候,它会自动保存。也就是说,下次您还想和朋友继续这个游戏的时候,您可以找到它,继续游戏!设想您在机场等飞机的时候与朋友玩牌,上飞机后想继续,不用担心游戏记录丢失!

4. 自动保存: 不小心在App运行的时候把它关了?没关系!所有的数据都会自动保存!

If you need any support from me, feel free to contact me at: